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Social change

Regenerate Forest and Build a Natural Home for a Mixteca Family

by Soles de Piedra
Revive the tradition and identity of the Mixtec people. Build a home with traditional natural building techniques and reforest in Oaxaca!  
2% $25 56 days
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Local food

Growing The 10-Day Local Food Challenge

by 10 Day Local Food Challenge
Local Eating Translates to Community Resiliance, Prosperity, and Health. Let's Support and Expand the 10-Day Food Challenge!
7% $375 27 days
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Social change

Help Nico Help Nepal!

by Nico Orozco
Nico is raising $1800 to go to Nepal this April on a mission to spread permaculture & learn! Read more at
0% $0 54 days
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Design course

Help us spread the love!

by Amy lee guy
Please assist us in raising our course fees for PDC in Thailand
0% $0 36 days
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Where There Be Dragons

Creating a Sustainable Future for a Guatemalan Women's Cooperative

by Rio Negro Project
Help widows from the civil war purchase land in order to grow their own food and medicine.
49% $1,975 18 days
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The Birth of Kalimantan Permaculture Foundation

by frederika paembonan
Help us to put a roof over our head and the legal foundation under our feet to enable the birth of Permakultur Kalimantan Foundation
50% $2,255 40 days
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The next step in Dor's permaculture education

by Dor Haberer
Dor is starting his permaculture career to introduce to knowledge into the jewish realm and further intergrate it with socail justice.
8% $100 11 days
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Design course

Help Kawtar Take Her PDC at Punta Mona in Costa Rica!

by Kawtar
Please help me, Kawtar, earn enough money to attend a Permaculture Design Course at Punta Mona in Costa Rica this January!
21% $425 20 days
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Social change

Building Women's Empowerment:Adobe Style

by Lisa Houston
Fund the workshop and construction of a solar powered, adobe women's rights training center built by 20 women from Karen State, Burma.
103% $4,746 Funded
Funded Contributed Nov 15, 2014

Successful Campaigns


Seeds for a New Day - Paper Cuts for Transition

by Sarai Stevens
This book of paper cuts helps start the dialogue between parents and children about transition towns and coming change.
114% $1,150 Funded
Funded Contributed Sep 25, 2012

Beth's Blueberries

by Beth Campbell
Because Beth believes building blueberry abundance would be beneficial to the body and beyond.
122% $367 Funded
Funded Contributed Sep 18, 2012

UMass Eco-Reps Program

by Daniel Greenberg
Help UMass Eco-Reps implement sustainability projects on campus.
104% $876 Funded
Funded Contributed May 1, 2013

Toni needs our support!

by Brecht Deriemaeker
On Sunday, July the 7th, Toni Robinson, garden manager at The Panya Project, lost her house and everything she owns to a fire.
113% $3,391 Funded
Funded Contributed Jul 27, 2013

Maha Laxmi School Garden Project

by Benjamin van Ooij
We have already started, with strong belief that when done out of positivity… the means will come. Can you support us with those means?
111% $999 Funded
Funded Contributed Sep 5, 2012

Malawi Permaculture Dream

by Pierre Moorsom
Dreaming of a Malawi free of malnutrition and starting with a permaculture design course for 10 members of a football team!
102% $2,055 Funded
Funded Contributed Jan 20, 2013
design course

Help a Local Woman Receive a Permaculture Design Certificate

by Manda Wilderness Community Trust
Do your part to help Hilda Cangoma become the first local woman in the Manda Wilderness region to receive a Permaculture Design Certificate.
100% $300 Funded
Funded Contributed Mar 14, 2013

Materials self-sufficiency - African Crafts Workers

by sean
Permaculture farming project for rural farmers and crafts workers in Upper East Ghana, West Africa
102% $2,466 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 4, 2013

Help Establish A Permaculture Farm in Nepal!

by Ben Humphrey
Help Govinda Paudel to establish a Permaculture education and demonstration farm in Nepal and help battle poverty in the process.
106% $4,250 Funded
Funded Contributed Apr 18, 2013

Living Soil Saves Lives!

by The Hummingbird Project
Help fund educational soil labs in India to save lives and rebuild communities—one farm and one family at a time.
120% $3,021 Funded
Funded Contributed Oct 1, 2012

One One Coco Project- St. Thomas, Jamaica

by Coda Phillips
The Source Farm Foundation will be training the 1st group of young Permaculturist and Organic Farmers in St. Thomas, Jamaica.
100% $3,026 Funded
Funded Contributed Jan 14, 2013
design course

Stephanie Ayres - An Illustrated Future - Permaculture Design

by Steph Ayres
Educating myself (Stephanie Ayres) in a PDC so that I can educate others through illustrated books to create a new generation of gardeners!
145% $1,162 Funded
Funded Contributed Jun 3, 2013