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Local food

Neighborhood Nurseries with the Be the Change Project

by Kyle Isacksen
Help us establish two neighborhood nurseries so we can share plants and create a neighborhood-scale food forest!
77% $310 7 days
Funded Contributed To Go

Human-Integrated Ecological-Sanctuary

by Samuel Kovalyov
Self-sustainable sanctuary for humans to reintegrate with nature and learn how to live in harmony.
0% $0 17 days
Funded Contributed To Go

Suzi&Avi to Earthbag Building Workshop - The first step to our dream house

by Suzi&Avi
We want to build our own eco-friendly house by Earthbag Building. We would like to join a workshop in Spain that will provide us experience.
3% $75 23 days
Funded Contributed To Go

Rosemary Morrow's 'Teaching Permaculture Teachers'

by Alfred Decker
A digital platform where anyone in the world with an internet connection will be able to freely download materials for permaculture teachers
34% $5,311 20 days
Funded Contributed To Go

Filipino Earthship Typhoon Response

by Jim Martin
Help me to help my mates recover from their second round of typhoon devastation towards more sustainable and typhoon proof buildings
100% $3,007 Funded
Funded Contributed Jan 24, 2015

Permaculture Research Tour

by Eunice Neves
A Permaculture Research Tour (Australia + USA) in search for mature landscapes that were efficiently designed by mimicking nature.
128% $6,816 Funded
Funded Contributed Jan 26, 2015

Successful Campaigns


One One Coco Project- St. Thomas, Jamaica

by Coda Phillips
The Source Farm Foundation will be training the 1st group of young Permaculturist and Organic Farmers in St. Thomas, Jamaica.
100% $3,026 Funded
Funded Contributed Jan 14, 2013
design course

Help a Local Woman Receive a Permaculture Design Certificate

by Manda Wilderness Community Trust
Do your part to help Hilda Cangoma become the first local woman in the Manda Wilderness region to receive a Permaculture Design Certificate.
100% $300 Funded
Funded Contributed Mar 14, 2013

UMass Eco-Reps Program

by Daniel Greenberg
Help UMass Eco-Reps implement sustainability projects on campus.
104% $876 Funded
Funded Contributed May 1, 2013

'MEGGA-watt?' - Rise of the Food Garage!

by Rene: Michalak
A garage with an attached greenhouse & renewable energy to create sustainable 4-season growing systems with minimal fossil fuel input.
100% $15,023 Funded
Funded Contributed May 9, 2013

To the SE Asian Permaculture Convergence!

by Panya Project
We want to send two representatives to the SE Asian Permaculture Convergence. Help us connect, contribute and add to what we already have!
100% $1,000 Funded
Funded Contributed Nov 20, 2012

Maha Laxmi School Garden Project

by Benjamin van Ooij
We have already started, with strong belief that when done out of positivity… the means will come. Can you support us with those means?
111% $999 Funded
Funded Contributed Sep 5, 2012

Pacing the Planet

by Dana McGuire
A family with children sets aside their day to day lives to embark on a campaign to raise awareness for the urgent cause of global warming.
104% $2,202 Funded
Funded Contributed Oct 24, 2012
project - Sustainable Skills Learning

by Aaron 'iLLLy' Murphy is a premium online video channel for sustainable skills learning.
117% $4,683 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 10, 2013

Materials self-sufficiency - African Crafts Workers

by sean
Permaculture farming project for rural farmers and crafts workers in Upper East Ghana, West Africa
102% $2,466 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 4, 2013

Mushroom Logs for NEMO

by Christian Shearer
We're making mushroom logs for anyone who wants them in Northeast Missouri. Not for profit! And if you want, join in our workshop.
808% $1,455 Funded
Funded Contributed Sep 30, 2012

Kick start the Brixton Edge - New Community Growing Space in South London

by Michel Thill
Kick start the Brixton Edge - A permaculture demonstration site in Slade Gardens, Brixton, inspiring and bringing together the community...
119% $957 Funded
Funded Contributed Nov 29, 2013
design course

Stephanie Ayres - An Illustrated Future - Permaculture Design

by Steph Ayres
Educating myself (Stephanie Ayres) in a PDC so that I can educate others through illustrated books to create a new generation of gardeners!
145% $1,162 Funded
Funded Contributed Jun 3, 2013