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Get Jake back too Batug.

by Jacob Mobbs
Donations will be going towards my flights, going into materials for building the Windship and maintenance to Earth Village camping grounds.
12% $100 57 days
Funded Contributed To Go
Social change

Regenerate Forest and Build a Natural Home for a Mixteca Family

by Soles de Piedra
Revive the tradition and identity of the Mixtec people. Build a home with traditional natural building techniques and reforest in Oaxaca!  
6% $75 50 days
Funded Contributed To Go
Local food

Growing The 10-Day Local Food Challenge

by 10 Day Local Food Challenge
Local Eating Translates to Community Resiliance, Prosperity, and Health. Let's Support and Expand the 10-Day Food Challenge!
12% $600 21 days
Funded Contributed To Go
Social change

Help Nico Help Nepal!

by Nico Orozco
Nico is raising $1800 to go to Nepal this April on a mission to spread permaculture & learn! Read more at
0% $0 48 days
Funded Contributed To Go
Where There Be Dragons

Creating a Sustainable Future for a Guatemalan Women's Cooperative

by Rio Negro Project
Help widows from the civil war purchase land in order to grow their own food and medicine.
84% $3,395 13 days
Funded Contributed To Go

The Birth of Kalimantan Permaculture Foundation

by frederika paembonan
Help us to put a roof over our head and the legal foundation under our feet to enable the birth of Permakultur Kalimantan Foundation
52% $2,355 34 days
Funded Contributed To Go
Design course

Max's Mission: An education in Permaculture, Organic Gardening and Natural Building

by Maxwell Benzie
Help Max to learn about Permaculture, Organic Gardening and Natural Building at the Panya Project in Northern Thailand!
20% $736 2 days
Funded Contributed To Go
Design course

Help Kawtar Take Her PDC at Punta Mona in Costa Rica!

by Kawtar
Please help me, Kawtar, earn enough money to attend a Permaculture Design Course at Punta Mona in Costa Rica this January!
21% $425 15 days
Funded Contributed To Go
Social change

Building Women's Empowerment:Adobe Style

by Lisa Houston
Fund the workshop and construction of a solar powered, adobe women's rights training center built by 20 women from Karen State, Burma.
103% $4,746 Funded
Funded Contributed Nov 15, 2014

Successful Campaigns


'MEGGA-watt?' - Rise of the Food Garage!

by Rene: Michalak
A garage with an attached greenhouse & renewable energy to create sustainable 4-season growing systems with minimal fossil fuel input.
100% $15,023 Funded
Funded Contributed May 9, 2013

Mushroom Logs for NEMO

by Christian Shearer
We're making mushroom logs for anyone who wants them in Northeast Missouri. Not for profit! And if you want, join in our workshop.
808% $1,455 Funded
Funded Contributed Sep 30, 2012

Elephant Sanctuary's Solar Hot Water

by Boon Lott's Elephant Sactuary - BLES
As BLES's first step toward energy independence, we are replacing the electric water heaters with Solar Heated Showers. Help make it happen!
101% $2,926 Funded
Funded Contributed May 7, 2013

Kick start the Brixton Edge - New Community Growing Space in South London

by Michel Thill
Kick start the Brixton Edge - A permaculture demonstration site in Slade Gardens, Brixton, inspiring and bringing together the community...
119% $957 Funded
Funded Contributed Nov 29, 2013

Pacing the Planet

by Dana McGuire
A family with children sets aside their day to day lives to embark on a campaign to raise awareness for the urgent cause of global warming.
104% $2,202 Funded
Funded Contributed Oct 24, 2012

NextGEN Youth Empowerment Training in Thailand

by Panya Project
The youth of Mae Jo are looking for alternatives for how to live their lives. Help to give them the empowerment and confidence they need.
178% $3,400 Funded
Funded Contributed Mar 9, 2013

Water Independence Project

by Wild Yeast
Water independence through a permaculture designed pond is essential to the success of our homestead!
117% $2,940 Funded
Funded Contributed Sep 1, 2012

Cook in the Panya Sun

by Christian Shearer
Let's Gift a Sun Oven to a Permaculture Project in Northern Thailand.
209% $565 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 20, 2012

PDC Apprenticeship

by Sion Zivetz
Help me on my way to becoming a certified Permaculture instructor. I've been invited to co-lead a permaculture course in India in Feb.
109% $1,195 Funded
Funded Contributed Jan 15, 2013

Toni needs our support!

by Brecht Deriemaeker
On Sunday, July the 7th, Toni Robinson, garden manager at The Panya Project, lost her house and everything she owns to a fire.
113% $3,391 Funded
Funded Contributed Jul 27, 2013

Solar Hot Water for Burma

by Bruce Gardiner
Solar Roots will install a Solar Hot Water system for St Mathews Orphanage Center in Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar (Burma)
106% $800 Funded
Funded Contributed Mar 20, 2013
design course

Kat in Caribbean, Permaculture Design Internship

by Katrina Kellner
Supporting access to quality local food, promoting urban agriculture initiatives, enabling active participation and community cohesiveness!
101% $2,225 Funded
Funded Contributed May 6, 2013