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    I dance on the beach daily for the organic greening of Africa. I have danced with this vision for 9 years.
    Similarly I will dance for this campaign to manifest well and abundantly for serving the greater good for all.
    To the first 9 people:
    I can do a prosperity and abundance blessing and dance with you in my intention and vision, so that your project may be prosperous and abundant!

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    The gift of me sending you energy from the South through dancing on the beach, on a specific issue you have. There are 8 songs I dance to.
    You can choose any one of the 8 songs. We can synchronize our timing and take your dream to the Universe and Sun with intent.
    I can only dance for the greater good of all and specifically for Permaculture to thrive!

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Nomvula the Greeninglady

Wishes to raise money for 5 people to do this Permaculture Design Course(PDC) as well as attend a Space of Love gathering after the PDC.

      Permaculture Design Course (PDC) at Greyton,

                                        Western Cape,South Africa from 15th to 26th April 2017

Facilitated by Ezio “Buzz” Gori from www.permaculture2012.co.za

This PDC is internationally accredited with the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI), Australia and the Permaculture Association, Britain.

Overarching design themes:

  1. • Resilience against Climate Change and Peak Energy,including drought- and flood-proofing
  2. • Stimulate Local Economic Development by relocalisation
  3. • Strengthen the Greyton Transition Town Initiative: http://greytontransition.co.za

Designed for:

Community leaders, homesteaders, built environment professionals, sustainability practitioners, small & large scale farmers, people seeking right livelihoods, people in transition, critical thinkers – come and share your life skills with the collective student group!

What students will learn:

This PDC provides students with a very wide range of sustainable design skills that will add value to your business, your projects, your livelihood, your health. The PDC is underpinned by a thorough Permaculture design process that is designed to embed project management skills to facilitate the ensuing Permaculture design practice that students will undertake during the course.
Download the full PDC programme at


This PDC is internationally accredited with the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI), Australia, and, the Permaculture Association, Britain.

Course Fee:

Course fee includes tuition, DVD info pack, field trips, refreshments and vegetarian lunch. Course fee according to income affordability - 350$ for low income, students and pensioners;
- 400$ for medium income and Greyton residents; and
- 450$ for high income earners.

Accommodation Costs:

Greyton Ecolodge offers accommodation and vegetarian breakfast and supper from evening of 14th to morning of 27th April at:
  150$ pp camping;
  200$ pp for a dormitory;
  280$ pp for a twin sharing room; and,
  350$ pp for a single room.

Download the PDC advert at

Download the full PDC programme at

Space of love gathering event:


♥ ♥ ♥
The Space of Love gatherings are inspired by Anastasia and the Ringing Cedar series of books, where the term 'Space of Love' comes from:www.energyoflife.ca
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