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A campaign by Omni Weare
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  • Tiny Homes Project love common unity !

    We commit to providing others anyway we can to empower others to live healthy and be free,

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Our project love A Team is interested in Building tiny Homes, community gardens that empower living in joy and expanding more life to flourish!

We have interested partners, large vision, energy and will to co-create this common Vision for thriving abundance for all our relations!  We choose to live enjoying and co-creating with awareness and care, healthy living, creative expression, empowered being respected, honored and acknowledged in all life, all our relations! (2 and 4 legged, those that crawl, fly, and swim.)

Here are a few links that may answer some questions you may have regarding the many projects within the Project of Love.

http://prezi.com/blftyqotvs0k/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share ( PREZI OVERALL PROJECT PRESENTATION ))

We are connecting with others who are interested and active in co-creating a master peace and share  our common vision of thriving abundance with all! Empowered healthy whole living!

I have included an article from Mother Earth Eews that will provide an example of some tiny buildings that I am WE ARE building. ARE YOU, WE?

Who is interested?
What or how would you like to contribute? We appreciate anything you share to make it possible for these projects to happen.

We have a small dedicated A team and are always interested in connecting with our family towards co-creating our vision!

The cost for the materials for the tiny home example in this article is 300.00 for one 64 sq ft A frame "home" structure. The measurements would be somewhere around 8 feet by 8 feet. The roofs are made of poly bicarbonate.

This is a great project that can be customized and expanded on with the will and imagination with a desire to empower all living beings to be free and healthy, enjoying our living experience.

I provided this article as an example for all those who are interested in being free and living sustainably! Some "who" may be wanting to take the next step!


(((( PROJECT LOVE ))))

Sovereignty = Solidarity
Remember, know, feel, BE, Create, Share,Thrive !
Intention, Vision, Connection , Creative Action, Fruition, Celebration!

Any Donations of tools, Volunteer work education trade, materials or $ for these previous items will be appreciated!
May the blessings be!

Thank you for you! Much appreciation for being the change!