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The Earthius Project is both a physical site of 2 acres that is being converted to a permaculture food forest and gardens as an example of what can be done by one person, as well as an educational outreach effort to provide the public with an opportunity to learn about the ecological issues we face and the permaculture ethics and practices we can use to create a regenerative and equitable food supply, develop intentional community, and challenge the capitalistic notions of excessive accumulation of wealth and possessions, extractive land and labor use, and monetization of services that should be human rights, like health, education, and housing.

These efforts have incurred and will continue to incur monetary costs, though great efforts are taken to barter, reuse, repurpose, propagate (collecting seeds, rooting cuttings, etc.), obtain free supplies (like wood chips) and conserve.  Thus far, costs have included soil amendments, tuition for permaculture design certification, initial seed purchase, minimal irrigation supplies, building materials, and advertisement to promote permaculture education workshops.

Continuing costs will include further promotional costs, some earthworks equipment rental, permitting, construction of the greenhouse to prolong the growing season and provide a place for classes and workshops during inclement weather, and further investment in fruit trees and plants.