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A campaign by Eru Linggo Bayu
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Saujana is an education, farming and eco-tourism project taking place in Natal, Mandailing Natal, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

The project is owned by Eru, farmer and environment protector. He deaply try, day by day, step by step, to improve an ecological way of life in his lovely motherland.

The project has 3 main axes :

1.     Education

Saujana is a « school of universe ». The goal is to involve children in the project, teach them English, explain them how important is the environment protection. Many differents tools are used : english practicing, games, natural class, outdoors activities, discussions/debats, links with the eco-tourism activity. Saujana create a collaboration with the highschool nearby the school and offert to their students to come and practice english in the farm. The school receive also foreigners during specific english exchange sessions.

2.     Farming

Saujana garden is a permaculture place, giving place to ecologic methods. Farming is also essential to reach food sef-sufficiency, to preserve nature and improve local economy in a sustainable way. The garden is also a laboratory for the education center and a showroom for the local people.


3.     Eco-tourism

Since 3 years, the place welcomed 18 volunteers from all around the world. Most of them are teaching english to the kids coming every afternoon at the farm. The villagers are very glad to receive foreigners. Saujana place will develop accomodations for an Eco-touristic activity. Then, the foreigners could :

·      Discover the local life and the local culture (traditional dances, music, food),

·      Discover the local landscapes and environmnt (beach, mangrove, villages, hiking expeditions)

·      Share everyday life (homestay in local people houses, market, school, wedding, help in everyday work and activities)

Eco-tourism is the best way for foreigners to meet local people and discover their everyday life, while wathing out environment an social issues.

Several negative changes have occured in the way of life of local people, principally due to the collapse of fish stocks and unsustainable farming. This project is a real need for natalian people, as it preserves the culture and the local ecosystem, develop the natalian economy, educate native people and favorise the sharing of creative ideas to make a better world !


This project will have most positiv impacts :

·      Preserve the local culture

·      Develop the local economy

·      Preserve the natural environment

·      Educate local people

·      Develop the creativity


Over the last 50 years, unsustainable fishing pratices have puched fish stock to the point of collapse. Consequently, people need now to import fish and do farm fishing. There is unfortunately no way to sheck the provenance and the quality of the products and changes in the culinary habits of natalian people have been observed. Moreover, the current agriculture development strategy focuses on short term production and neglect ecological consideration by using inorganic fertilizers ans pesticides. For instance, there are more and more monocultures of palm oil tree, despite its numerous negative impacts. These plantations are responsible for the major part of the deforestation in Indonesia, contributing to the lost of habitats of endemic species (orang-outang, tigers, elephants, etc.).

The management of these plantations by big firms also reduce the economic power of local habitants. In this context, it is necessary to develop an alternative type of farming relying on ecological and permaculture principles. This is why the project aims to develop an agriculture at human scale, respectful with nature.



Today, the project is growing fruits, vegetables and flowers. The project welcome many volunteers staying usually 2 weeks helping at the farm and sharing English experience with students from the neighbor school and kids from de village.

To be sustainable, the project will work on two main incomes which are farming and eco-tourism.

Many connections are already estabished with local people about touristic activities (guided tours, cooking lessons, homestay).


We would like to build a multifonctional place for the education center (800$). This 20 square meters building will be made by local products : wood, bamboo, tree leaves. It will receive the kids and students English lessons, yoga in the morning, cooking lessons and most specific activities. The first floor will be the quiet library area.

To grow the Eco-touristic place, we are planning to build 2 local houses with natural products indeed and accomodations (1600$). Each building will host 6 foreigners in a quiet area near the farm, close to the mangrove and also really connected to the wonderfull nature here.


For the eco-touristic activity, we plan to buy bicycles (800$) to enable them to discover the surroundings of the village and a little wood boat (400$) to discover the area on Karan river.


To develop the farm, we are growing a new 2 hectares field in an ecologic and agroforesterie way : corn, peanuts, vegetables, trees (tools, plants and seeds : 800$). This new place will be a new exemple to share with the natalian people and will offer job and activity for two local families.


This project will participate to the dynamic of Natal area. We really trust in the connection between local people and foreigners. Since 3 years, it's working, more and more. That's why we would like to develop the foreigners accomodations. Everything is connected, like the ecosystem, of course! Farming, education and sharing different cultures with foreigners from all around the world.

We hope to grow this project and see you one day at Saujana Sumatra Farm!