Saplings for Schoolyards - Carrboro High Forest Garden

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  • Whole Tree Permaculture December 8, 2016
    Writing this note to let everyone know that the planting was a tremendous success. On Earthday this spring we brought in about 15 species of Edible and medicinal pollinator plants as part of the school day for about twenty students. Then, this fall, in early October, we surrounded those pollinator gardens with more than 20 trees representing 7 species covering a quarter acre area of what was once grass with mulch and future forest canopy. All the planting was done by the students under our guidance! Thanks to everyone who's support made this possible! Apologies for the poor formatting! I tried to space these out, alas computers are not trees... More to come :) Some testimonials from Students: I wanted to thank you for coming out to our school and helping us, it really means a lot to me and all my classmates. what you're doing with nature is very interesting. keep doing what you're doing, you're really making a difference! -Erin I just wanted to say thank you for today. I went in just expecting labor, but I learned a lot and enjoyed it, so thank you. -Jackson Thank you so much for coming to Carrboro High School and spending your time helping us learn about the different types of plants. Also the different uses they have and all of the advantages they provide. It was a very cool experience and i would love to get more involved. Thanks again! -Rachel I would just like to say thank you for coming to Carrboro and teaching us how to plant trees and plants. The experience was very new to me and learning the important aspects of successfully planting a tree was very interesting. From this experience, I am now aware of the positive impact planting medicinal and herbal plants are and I hope to become involved in future workday's like this last one. -Tavi I now have a personal connection to what I planted and to the school landscape and I am sincerely thankful for a great afternoon. Hope we can work together again!!! -Sean Thanks so much for the opportunity to work with you and your friends! I truly enjoyed planting the trees in the forest garden (especially the yucca) and creating a more diverse environment. It was such a great experience and I can't wait to see how the garden transforms in a few seasons. -Sarah I just wanted to say thank you for your guidance and leadership in accomplishing what we did on Sunday and also for your enthusiasm and interesting thoughts and perspectives. I thought the way that all of you approach life and gardening, with energy, passion, and belief in what you are doing, is fantastic. Hope everything is going well! -Cole Thank you so much for helping us to plant trees on our campus for future generations. I enjoyed getting to do something that will have an effect on others. -Celeste Thank you for helping us plant the beautiful trees on Sunday! I had a great time and it was a great experience to step away from technology and play in the dirt. I learned a lot about the different kinds of trees we planted and how to prepare the ground so they can prosper. Thanks again! -Mireille