Rak Tamachat Permaculture Internship - Thailand

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    I understand that not everyone has the pay grade to make outrageous donations. However every donation is a step further to me achieving my goal. So I want to thank everyone for every donation!

    With a $25 donation I will send at minimum 1 postcard from Thailand to an address of your choice! I promise to make them amazing postcards that you never want to throw away ;)

    Thank you for your donation and investing in this dream.

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    $260 is what it equals for one month's stay at the Rak Permaculture Institute. So with every $260 donation I promise a one night stay in my future permaculture institute. Redeemable only after the initial start-up phase of the institution (6 months after the first frost). Thank you for your donation, every donation is one step closer to my goal! Thank you for investing in my dream.

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    $520 is what it costs for two months of stay at the Rak Institute. With this donation I will give you a week of free stay at my future permaculture institute after the first start-up initial phase (6 months past the first frost). Thank you for your donation! Thank you for investing in my dream!

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Rak Tamachat Internship

I am raising funds to participate in a 6-month long permaculture practitioner internship with the Rak Tamachat institute in Thailand. This internship will give me these skills/knowledge and more:

  • Permaculture ethics and principles
  • soil fertility
  • forest systems/farm forestry
  • water in the landscape
  • design methodology
  • home garden design
  • seed saving and managing a seed bank
  • community facilitation
  • natural building
  • and many more...

Website on the course:
http://www.raktamachat.org/ &

My Plans:

After living, working and learning in Thailand I plan on coming back to the states to further an idea that has been growing for awhile: a non-profit program bringing educational garden systems to schools around the country. By teaching our children about where our food comes from, the importance of fresh food and the impacts of eating local and healthy foods, we can begin to positively sustain a future for our world. The basis of a sustainable and integrated gardening system will utilize many of the ideas founded in the permaculture field. By integrating these sustainable practices into this non-profit, I will be able to create a system that will virtually cost very little for the public school to continue on it's own. Public schools do not have large budgets and are constantly cutting wages and jobs to make ends meet. My dream is to integrate an educational garden in every public school in the United States. This non-profit would also incorporate permaculture ideals into an already established educational system: such as, 4-H Clubs, Future Farmers of America and other agriculture clubs that are teaching our youth about the practices of owning farms in our day and age of agriculture.

By changing the face of the generation before us and educating them about practices that will not only be more affordable, but also better for the environment in the long run, we are investing in the future of our children's health and also our environment.

Please help me to obtain the knowledge necessary to continue these dreams; dreams that are strongly rooted in research and very much obtainable. Thank you.

Learn more about me here: http://finderahere.blogspot.com/ & http://sustainabilityatitsbest.wordpress.com/