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    An e-book compilation of site designs and information on all workshops and meetings with parks and stakeholders during phase one of the project (including a mention of thanks in the book to you, unless you would like to remain anonymous).

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The Nomadic Permaculture Project was born as a response to land degradation, food insecurity, pollution and misuse of natural resources, a fossil fuel dependent society, wildlife poaching and loss of natural ecosystems. These, coupled with their related negative social impacts have inspired this solutions-based holistic approach.

The project aims to address the abovementioned problems by promoting and teaching resilient ecological food production techniques, natural building methods, natural resource management, energy efficiency techniques, and waste and pollution-free ways of living.

We aim to set up this Permaculture training project in collaboration with game reserves and their surrounding communities, in Southern African countries. We believe that these are high potential areas for catalytic change because it is at the interface bewteen community livelihoods, conservation and ecotourism.

  • Establish a pilot project that can be replicated.
  • Provide Permaculture training and conservation awareness to local communities near game reserves.
  • Train and enable local small scale farmers to supply organic produce to nearby lodges associated with parks.
  • Regenerate degraded land near reserves, replenish groundwater tables, reduce pollution and help to protect wildlife corridors.
We are crowdfunding to support Phase 1 of the project: Stakeholder engagement and Site Analysis.

If we reach our goal, the funding will be used for travel expenses to game reserves, and for Permaculture workshops and design materials needed in phase 1.

1. Stakeholder engagement and Site Analysis
  • Engage with stakeholders to understand the current social, environmental and economic contexts that will influence the project.
  • Highlight the needs of the local community and farmers.
  • Highlight resources available, funding requirements and training requirements*.
  • Highlight opportunities and focus areas.
  • Develop a regional design and strategy framework for the Project.

2. Develop a training hub and example site
The site will demonstrate a variety of locally-relevant organic food growing techniques, including: Bio-intensive method of farming, natural and regenerative farming and urban Permaculture techniques.
The site will also demonstrate community-relevant water and waste management techniques, such as: Rainwater catchment, soil re-hydrating earthworks, grey-water recycling, dry compost toilets, and worm farms and composting of organic waste.

3. Training
Workshops and training will be carried out at the training hub and on local farms.
Training and workshops will include: 
  • Permaculture mapping and design
  • Ecological water, soil and crop management
  • *Context specific training as highlighted during the stakeholder engagement process.
We are very excited about this project and believe it wil set a precedent for integrating Permaculture and wildlife conservation in South Africa. Please join us to get this project off the ground!

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