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A campaign by Sarah Hanson
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Who: On Sacred Ground Land Trust is a permaculturally-based land trust with an aim to heal, educate, steward and provide a Garden of Eden for generations to come. We work with all property types – residential, industrial, wilderness or otherwise, and apply site-specific permaculture assessments to steward the land appropriately that is inclusive to humans and working toward a mutually beneficial relationship.

What/Where: Our funding campaign is our start-up booster for our first property purchase and land trust kick-off. We have our eye on a riverfront parcel in Skagit Valley, Washington state, where flood mitigation infrastructure will teach natural disaster preparedness and relief techniques, we can host workshops on all manner of permaculture topics, grow a 2 acre food forest, and provide a seasonal hike-in, bike-in & boat-in campground within walking distance to public transportation. We also endeavor to purchase a waste veggie oil/biodiesel powered fleet vehicle & centrifuge/filter system for our non-profit for land trust and consultation site visits and Americorps volunteers.

Why: Our unique non-profit land trust model returns humans to ecological systems by pairing permaculture with typical land trust missions and activities. We are taking the next step and ensuring that “hands-off” as a stewardship technique is appropriate for wilderness or Zone 5, but that humans are necessary as nudging caretakers for high-yield food, fiber and medicine production by designing within the ecological landscape's mature, peak systems. We will also provide affordable intentional community opportunities to those interested in participating as stewards for our land trust properties, with a focus on youth whose income to outflow ratio in today's economy makes housing and education astronomical. Our property stewards will shift from industry based lifestyles and economy to one of stewardship techniques, farm apprenticeships, community service, and living economies for future generations.

When: Dec 25, 2016 – Feb 22, 2017

Donate before the end of 2017! Your gift is tax deductible. Our Tax EIN #: 46-0922971

Donors Receive:

As an incentive to donors, we offer these tiered incentives:

$50 – 1 workshop or video workshop access

$100 – 2 night stay in our teepee glampground or hobbit huts when open

$250 – Free long-distance permaculture design consultation for your property/homescape

$500 – Good Karma

$1000 & up – Really, Really Good Karma – skies the limit!